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Enjoy the “Taste of Kyoto”

Kamanza is located at Ninenzaka which leads
past Yasaka Shrine and Kodai-ji Temple towards Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Kamanza serves traditional foods of Kyoto such as Yuba, Nama-fu, and Tofu in addition to a wide variety of
tempura, noodle, and rice bowl dishes.

We invite you to visit us while you explore Ninenzaka.


A New Taste of Kyoto, To Go!

We sell daifuku (rice cakes) and mitarashi (dumplings with sweet soy sauce glaze) made with nama-fu (wheat protein). This is a wonderful way to experience the flavors of Kyoto. We also have fresh and healthy Kyoto matcha tea made with no preservatives available for take-out. Why not grab some to enjoy while you walk around Kiyomizu-dera Temple?


A New Taste of Kyoto, To Go!

The Maiko Show

The Maiko Show

A special experience which brings you up close and personal with a Maiko. Created to offer a casual experience
that allows you to interact with a Maiko in an intimate setting.

During this show, you will have the opportunity to watch a Maiko from Kyoto Higashiyama Miyagawacho perform
as well as take pictures and eat with her. You can relax at the low tables and chairs which give the sense of enjoying the performance in a traditional tatami room atmosphere.


You can view a movie by going to the link above




【Weekdays】11:00 am ~ 4:00 pm 【Weekends and Holidays】11:00 am ~ 5:00 pm 【During Light Up Periods】11:00 am ~ 8:00 pm

 Kamanza Co., Ltd.
605-0826 363-12 Masuyacho Kodaiji Minamimondori Shimokawara Higashi Iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
A 15 minute walk from Gion-shijo Station A 5 minute walk from the Kiyomizu-michi or Higashiyama Yasui bus stops
Parking Lot
N/A (Use the parking lot for Kodai-ji Temple. ※One minute walk・unaffiliated)

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